Massive Jurassic Fossil Deposits Discovered in Argentina – News from the Editor


Discovery News reported just yesterday on a massive fossil site in Argentina dating from the Jurassic, and containing the largest numbers of fossil remains at any Jurassic site yet found. Fossils, described as “sticking up from the ground”, have become uncovered by erosion. However, they represent especially pristine specimens as original fossilization occurred rapidly. According to reports, fossil traces such as worm trails add a striking, detailed minutia to the wider scope of the site’s bio diversity. Other geological features such as Jurassic streams and lakes create a stunning geological picture of the past, in a present day environment already known for its natural beauty.

Another amazing find came out of Argentina in the past month, the largest titanosaur yet found. Also,

Argentina still holds the title for the largest dinosaur (which also represents the largest terrestrial animal) ever found.

These in mind, seeing the new site’s yields in the years to come should not fail to please.

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Habilis Want Say: If World 8,000 Year Old Why All People Except Africans Have Neanderthal DNA?


Hello, dis Habilis here. Habilis have big problem wants resolve. People say earth 8,000 year old, that a big flood make fossils, and that Hominid bones either monkey or man. But scientist knows earth very old. Scintist dig up bones, Find habils, find Lucy, find Neanderthals. All bones. All different. Each show that older gradually turn into younger. Scientist also say: “all people evolve in Africa, then travel to whole world.” Other people say “no, this stupid.” Scientist say “ok, give us your blood.” Then scientist take blood from European man, Arab man, Asia man, and also Africa man. All bloods have Neanderthal DNA, except Africa man. This mean Neanderthal lived in Europe before modern man. Then modern man came thousand of years later. Modern man breed with neanderthal and eventually, killed him. So why all people have neanderthal DNA? But Africa people no have? This because many years ago people who leave Africa and breed with Neanderthal. But some people no leave Africa, never meet, never breed with Neanderthal. Read here if you no believe Habilis:

Everyone living outside of Africa today has a small amount of Neanderthal in them, carried as a living relic of these ancient encounters. A team of scientists comparing the full genomes of the two species concluded that most Europeans and Asians have between 1 to 4 percent Neanderthal DNA. Indigenous sub-Saharan Africans have no Neanderthal DNA because their ancestors did not migrate through Eurasia.
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Habilis Want Ask: If Coral Reef No Grow in Muddy Water, How Reef Survive Noah’s Flood?


Hello, dis Habilis here. Habilis have very big problems he wants to tell. Some people think earth not old. Think that earth created 10,000 year ago, that big flood come kill whole earth. Think that after, earth regrows. Habilis have big problem with this. Here is one: Coral Reefs. Coral reef grows in ocean, grows in shallow water. Needs sun. Needs clean water. Very delicate. Is made of living coral. Has beautiful fish. Nemo lives here. But reef also delicate. Needs clean water, good temperature. So how reef survive if big flood come destroy whole world in 1 year? Here is what famous young earth man say about flood:

As the ocean waters flooded over the continents, they must have buried plants and animals in rapid succession. These rapidly deposited sediment layers were spread across vast areas, preserving fossils of sea creatures in layers that are high above the current (receded) sea level. The sand and other sediments in these layers were transported long distances from their original sources.

See problem? See why coral all die, no come back? Whole world was covered with water that was filled with dirt, sand, clay. This more muddy water than when Habilis sprays ground with hose, and takes mud bath. Ever see muddy river? If big flood, mud worse: whole world would be covered with waters million times more muddy than Mississippi river flooding a dirt factory. This big problem for coral reef. Reef needs very delicate conditions to live: clean water, good sun, right nutrients, steady temperature. If big flood came: no sun, dirty water, too much nutrients. Reef would die. If you no believe Habilis read here:

Fine terrigenous sediment entering the nearshore ocean during runoff events affects corals in two ways: (1) suspended in seawater, the sediment drastically reduces the amount of light reaching coral reefs and other shallow benthic systems; and (2) as the sediment settles, it can bury corals or cause them to expend a large amount of energy keeping their surfaces clean. Although a clear link exists between high sediment loads and coral-reef degradation, the mechanisms responsible for coral decline are not well quantified.

Habilis resay: DIRT KILL CORAL REEF. FLOOD WATERS SUPER DIRTY. If flood came, brought much dirt. Reef would die, no come back. Habilis suggests an experiment to prove: buy expensive reef tank. Look at pretty fish. Pour in dirt. Coral dead. Fish dead. If happen to world, reef need long time grow back in post flood environments. What you think?
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Evolution Not Destroy Morals, Not Destroy Faith


Hello, dis Habilis here. Habilis wants to remind people of important truth: evolution not destroy morals, not destroy faith. If man came from hominid primate, man should be proud. Today man is something different. Maybe something better. But is certainly creature with great power. Habilis think too much pride make man see his past wrongly. Man so much want to have glorious purpose, that he miss how glorious he actually is. Man do what no other creature in whole 4 billion year history of earth do: use mind to transcend himself using matter and thought. Habilis see God in this. It not need destroy faith. Some not see God. Either way, story of evolution have grandeur. It shows that all life is living story that random chance (and for now man) change and move into new futures.

But many people think evolution bad for society, bad for faith:

Darwinists have indoctrinated our society for over 100 years in a worldview that has proven to be tragically destructive. And they often have done this by a type of deceit that began before the Piltdown hoax and continues today in many leading biology textbooks (Wells).

People dislike theory of evolution because it means man come from hominids like Habilis:

The moral implications of the evolutionary philosophy that man is simply an advanced ape are increasingly manifested in our culture. If man is an ape, then the apelike or “primal” urges that we have for violence and sexuality can be excused as coming from our evolutionary history. Exercising those urges is contrary to the Christian doctrine of self-control.

But these ideas are simply wrong, and this thinking causes many to miss the grand picture of how the world is. Everything, all nature, is connected. Things you see in natural world that are alive, you and all life, have traveled a long journey through ages of struggle. If alive, if reading, you represent victory over the struggle for life. Before you, a thousand upon a thousand of your ancestors survived, reproduced, and planted future seeds that could become you. Up until your ancestor produced what would become you, that ancestor conquered the struggle. Death came later. But before death, life. Your existence proves that that life is eternal and unending. Individuals die. But life go forward and forward.

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Habilis Want Ask: If All Animals Die in Noah’s Flood, How Did Disease Survive on the Ark and Not Kill Ark Animals?


Hello, dis Habilis here. Habilis have big problem wants people know. Some people think earth not old. That flood kill whole world except for 1 boat full of animals. In story, this boat saves 8 people as well as representatives of every land animal. But big boat has big problem. If 8 people and hundreds of animals go on big boat, then flood kill whole world, why world still have diseases? Why world still have all the nasty germs that makes people sick, makes them die? To survive flood, diseases must be inside animals. Otherwise all diseases die with the many animals big flood kills. To survive, every disease that kills must have been inside the body of only several hundred ark animals. This means all super sick critters, crammed into boat smaller than the Titanic. Why diseases no spread in cramped environment, not kill every animal? Some diseases only kill one kind of animal. For example, why chickens no die if they have bad chicken sickness? This big problem for flood story: how diseases survive unless animals infected? And if animals infected, (living one year in cramped space, good for disease to spread) how infected animals not die? If you no believe Habilis read here:

Young earth creationists, who believe in a the Biblical Flood was a global deluge which occurred only a few thousand years ago, thus face a dilemma. How did all these diseases survive the year-long Flood, unless most infected Noah and his family (eight individuals)? But if most of these pathogens did infect the Ark family, how did the human race survive? A similar problem exists regarding the hundreds of diseases that infect specific animal species, namely: how did each disease survive unless many ark species were infected with them, and how did the animals survive if many were infected with multiple diseases?

If not on boat, how diseases survive flood? Can disease swim?
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